If the weather and my time schedule give me the possibility, I proceed scuba diving with some of my friends. Normally we don't get deeper than 20m, but that is not necassary at all.

I started with a course to a PADI Open Water Diver in 2002. With this education it is possible to dive without a trainer. After the first diving adventure in Turkey the diving enthusiasm calmed down because a buddy was missing. But the one or the other friend of mine found themselve in a scuba diving course (e.g. my girl-friend) and the number of potential buddies growed.

Because I was always with them during the courses I added some other courses to my education account. This led me to the current status of a PADI Assistant Instructor. (Who is interested: PADI-Homepage)

Some of the foreign countries I travelled for diving are Turkey (2002), Egypt (2003) and Corfu (2005).


Play my guitar

Since 2003 I can call a guitar my own. Out of a mood I tried to play on New Year's Eve for the first time (on the guitar of a friend). After that I mostly teached myself in playing the guitar.

Our little hobby-band-project (Just Trying) has been cancelled after two absolutely successful performances on a family party, because all members of the band have not much time at the moment. But I think this will not be the final decision.