System administration

My introduction to the world of PCs was 1990 starting with MS-DOS and Windows 3.0. From 1996 I tried to get familiar with Linux to which my interest was pointed by a friend. Over the years I stumbled from one distribution to another stucking to Debian at the end.

During some jobs at the university I had the possibility to learn how to setup and maintain heterogenous networks including mainly Windows and Linux machines. During my freelancer work I also maintained two heterogenous company networks.

Since 2004 I am owner of a Macintosh System, which IMHO is the best composition of both worlds.


When I got my first contact to the Internet in 1996 via a school project I would never have thought that this is more than a hype. Over the years I designed websites for friends and family members. Meanwhile I switched from design of the websites to the programming part, mainly using PHP and JSP. At present I concentrate on TYPO3 content management systems. Normally the graphical design is done by persons that are really professionals in this area and therefore are much faster than me in reaching the goal.

Software development

My first software was written in 1986 on a Commodore64 using BASIC as programming language. 1993 I switched to Turbo Pascal on my first PC. From 1996 I have used C++ and started programming in Java from 2000. At present I develop some MacOS X software using Objective-C.

If I develop webbased applications I normally use PERL, PHP or JSP depending on the requirements.