Advanced Lab

I did my "Advanced Lab" at the chair of software engeneering (Andreas Zeller). Out of this work some software is grown, which can split network communication on its own in a syntactical meaningful way. It is possible to split the whole communication step by step down to bytecode. Because of the modular style of the framework, it is possible to let every kind of structural data be processed by adding a modul that knows how to split that data.

With this piece of code it was possible to accellerate the so-called DeltaDebugger of Prof. Andreas Zeller up to 90%. The framework is actually used by Stefan Neuhaus in his Malfor-Project.

Diploma Thesis

My diploma thesis has been created at the chair of Prof. Gerhard Weikum (Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science - Saarbr├╝cken). I analyzed dynamics in large-scale peer-to-peer systems. The work was build on top of the Minerva-Project which is a research topic of this chair. If you are interested in that topic you can download my thesis as PDF file.